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HS81-HS Fire and Gas Controller,SIL 3 PLC

  • Redundancy Where You Need It – Hot-backup redundant CPU’s and power supplies are built into the architecture.
  • Hot Swap Critical Components – If a CPU, power supply or redundant I/O card needs replacement, there is no need to power down the system for repair. During normal operation, the component can be removed and replaced. The system re configure without human intervention and without shutting down the process.
  • Networking & Third Party Interfaces – The fault-tolerant, dual-path redundant panel network can be coupled to a wide variety of plant process control systems, simultaneously communicating with multiple display and control systems.
  • High Level of Safety – Functional reliability and fault-tolerant operation are designed into the controller. Some examples are: daily device auto test routines, auto testing of card inputs and outputs, a looped and redundant communications bus, and safe disabling of faulty components.
Data Sheet HS 81

The HS81-HS panel is a programmable Fire and Gas Controller suitable for safety and security installations with
a technologically high economic content.With the HS81-HS panel, fi re & gas detection, intruder alarms and process control systems can be built into energy plants, in petrochemical industries, naval, military and public installations.Externally, the panel HS81-HS is similar to a safety PLC; it is composed of electronic PCB cards mechanically compatible, which are inserted in 19” racks. The panel HS81-HS can have from 1 to 10 racks, each rack has 13 card slots. In addition to the versions customizable for clients, the UL version has a case with 6 racks, while for the European market, 3 other versions are available:

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Data Sheet HS 81


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