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JB Series Battery Powered Indicator

  • The instrument is micro-controller based, having provision for AA size “pencil” batteries in parallel configuration.
  • The Indicator accepts either a standard J or K type Thermocouple sensor at its input terminals and displays the actual temperature value calibrated in the desired units, on a linear scale.
  • The process value is displayed on a 3-1/2 Digit seven-segment LCD digital display module.
  • The instrument can be calibrated on any scale range from -1999 to +1999 units. The two thermocouples are factory calibrated for a range of 0-750°C (1382°F) for J-type thermocouple and 0-1000 °C (1832 °F) for K-type thermocouple.

The Model JB-40 battery powered Digital Temperature Indicator is a compact, rugged and reliable indicating instrument which is self-contained and specifically designed for accurate temperature measurement applications, in areas without power availability.

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