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Micropilot FMR53

Accuracy Standard 0.2% Optional 0.1%
• Process temperature PE cable: -10°C…70°C / 14°F…158°F FEP cable: -10°C…80°C / 14°F…176°F
• Pressure measuring range 100mbar…10bar (1.5psi…150psi)
• Process pressure absolute / max. overpressure limit 40 bar (600 psi)
• Main wetted parts Alloy C 316L Cable (PE/FEP) optional coating AuPt optional coating AuRh

Data Sheet Deltapilot FMB53

Hermetically sealed Contite measuring cell with condensate-resistance, high reference accuracy: ±0.2%, optionally ±0.1% and minimum
temperature effects
• Modular concept for easy replacement of display or electronics
• Seamless and independent system integration (HART/PA/FF)
• Easy and safe menu-guided operation: On-site via display module, via
4 to 20mA with HART, via PROFIBUS PA, via FOUNDATION Fieldbus
• International usage thanks to a wide range of approvals

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Data Sheet Deltapilot FMB53


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