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MX Series Differential Flow Totalizers

  • The totalized value is displayed on an eight digit counter with non-volatile memory.
  • The flow rate is continuously displayed on a four-digit seven-segment digital display.
  • Two Relay outputs are offered for control applications, which may be configured for Flow Rate or Totalized value.
  • Separate digital displays can be mounted in conjunction with this instrument to indicate Inlet and Outlet Flow Rates.
  • The instrument is available in DIN standard enclosures and operates on a universal power supply of 90 to 270 V AC mains supply.
  • Options include external Reset, two-wire configuration, Analog Retransmission signal, Remote Control operation, Batch Control Relay outputs, etc.

The ASHE MX-465 is a micro-controller based Digital Flow Rate Subtractor with Indication and Totalizer functions offered in a highly compact, rugged and reliable execution.

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