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TX Series Temperature Transmitters

  • The instruments accept standard industrial temperature sensors like RTD Pt-100, Thermocouples (Types J/K/R/S/T) and provide a buffered analog current loop output signal with enhanced load driving capacity.
  • The instruments are offered in Sensor Head-mount execution and standard DIN Rail mount options.
  • The Output signal is linear with respect to the Input signal and can drive loads of up to 600 Ohms.
  • The instruments operate on 24 VDC in two-wire / four-wire configuration and offer excellent stability and linearity to temperature signals.

The ASHE TX series of Temperature Transmitters comprise a wide range of high quality and reliable instruments for the conversion, amplification and transmission of temperature signals.
The instruments are also offered in IP65 protected fieldmount weather-proof enclosures, or in CIMFR certified explosion-proof enclosures. Absence of any moving parts provides these instruments inherent advantages like immunity to mechanical shocks, dust, ambient temperature, humidity and corrosive atmosphere.


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